My name is Maddie (Gattuso) Giardina. I am an artist who loves to explore all different mediums. I don´t limit myself to only one, yet explore any possibility to achieve an interesting visual experience. I love to teach with the same philosophy that students need to learn all different techniques and take what they learn to become part of their own schemas in their relationship with art. One needs to become adept and fluent in EVERYTHING taught as you never know when you might want to embrace that technique again. And if someone says it can´t be done (because maybe they tried it and did not achieve their desired results), that does not mean that it can´t be done. Maybe it has to be tweaked, but if you have an idea - run with it. Try it and fail, but at least try it. Many ideas come from failing.

I love clay, glass, painting, photography, wood, metal .... and so the list goes on. My mind explodes with ideas when I go to thrift stores or see objects laying on the ground randomly. I love boxes in my studio that are filled with everyday things ­ filled to the brim with stuff otherwise thrown away. I love old wood, rusty metal parts, broken shards of glass and paints that shimmer. I try to look at objects ­ not for what they were, but for what they could be. I embrace textures and visualizing common objects in a new light. Often, especially with my photography, I try to explore "closeness", to photograph everyday, common objects in a more creative venue. I like to take closer looks at buds on plants, roots wrapping around trees, corn husks emerging on corn stalks. Their beauty is in colors, composition, patterns and textures and are all around us every day.

From the beginning, I have always created in one way or another with a foundation of "playing with junk". My mother would bring home boxes of broken Christmas ornaments and beaded garlands and things that could no longer be sold in my Uncle´s store, because they were "trash". I would take the box, like a child getting a big box of mixed candies, and begin to tear all the pieces apart. I would explore how they would fit with other pieces and find ways to create interesting compositions and sculptures. My mother encouraged the "mess" and so, began my love for creativity.

I have attended California College of Arts and Crafts, received my BFA in Ceramics and Glass from Tyler School of Art (Temple University), went to Rowan University for a Post­Baccalaureate in Art Education as well as graduate studies at Seton Hall University. In addition to being a freelance artist and partner with my husband in his computer networking business, I also teach photography as an Adjunct Professor at Atlantic Cape Community College in Mays Landing, NJ, teach Art and IT at Assumption Regional Catholic School in Galloway, NJ, am Visual Arts Consultant for the Theatre Department at Holy Spirit High School in Absecon, NJ and sell my photos and other artwork at a wonderful farmer´s market sponsored by the Chincoteague Cultural Arts Alliance in Chincoteague, VA